IBC 2016

IBC 2016

IBC is one of the most talked about events of the year in the media and entertainment space and it did not disappoint. With another year of unrivalled discussion and debate about the many different challenges facing the digital media industry, it was great insight into what the future of TV has to offer.

In such a dynamic environment, it was as of no surprise to hear that a number of the key topics raised at the conference have been continuously debated throughout 2016.

Has the death of live TV been exaggerated?
How disruptive will Google & Facebook be in the TV space?
Will TV consumption patterns of millennials continue to change?
What is it that audiences really want?
How is the evolution of consumer experience affecting the lean back TV experience?
Will the future of VR have the same unfortunate fate as ‘3D TV’? Or have we learned valuable lessons?
What will the future of the TV experience look like?

The many challenges discussed throughout IBC all seemed to have one thing in common, the focus being on the end user - the consumer.

With consumers at the forefront of the discussion, it was incredibly interesting to hear key players in the industry debate ‘What Do Audiences Really Want? The Truth About Changing TV Consumption’. 

Director & Founder of W12 Studios, Fabian Birgfeld, was accompanied on stage by senior executives from the BBC, RTL, NowTV and Ericsson to talk about what really is happening with TV consumption and how linear TV is not necessarily doomed.

One of the key take aways from this panel was the importance of offering an unrivalled user experience in a multiplatform environment. With stiff competition from media and technology companies battling their way to share content directly with consumers, it is now more important than ever to ensure that companies are offering their consumers a ‘lean back’ experience and content can easily be discovered. This panel of leading experts painted a credible picture of the future of the TV market, answering many of the key questions the audience was desperate to know the answer to.

In addition to attending IBC, it was also time for the annual Multiscreen Salon located in the heart of Amsterdam. A much more intimate affair by invitation only, leaders in the creation, distribution and monetization of multiscreen content presented how mobile, interactive opportunities are key to the long term business of TV. With speakers from the likes of NBC Universal, Chalkboard TV, Game Show Entertainment as well as our very own Director, Fabian Birgfeld, it was an afternoon full of strategic thinking and interesting debates.

Fabian took to the stage to discuss how multiscreen design influences brand recognition, scalability and the success of TV. All key differentiating factors that play a crucial role in the success of TV in, what can be seen as, a fragmented digital environment.

After an insightful and eventful four days in Amsterdam consisting of numerous discussions and debates around the challenges in the digital media industry, it looks like it is going to be an incredibly exciting year ahead! We look forward to keeping our ear to the ground and finding out what may be just around the corner….what will IBC 2017 have to offer? Will we still be disputing millennials behaviour? Or perhaps there will be a new disruptor? We like to keep our finger on the pulse and are look forward to seeing what the future of TV has to offer.