Re-imaging music discovery

Shazam is one of the leading media companies in the world today. It’s app, which allows people to identify, explore, purchase and share music or TV content is one of the world’s top 10, with more than 420 million users in 200 countries. 

The product experience when we first started working with them.

Shazam came to us looking to re-imagine the future of music and TV for the platform. There were two strands to our work: one was more of a support role, to take their existing product to become a 5 star app; the other was about helping them produce a vision for Shazam’s future.

Product Vision

The Project

Project Brief

As an established product with millions of users, our challenge was to improve and evolve the Shazam experience without alienating existing users and without losing what Shazam did best – to help people discover and share music and TV content.

We followed a bold approach – with a unique brand look and feel for which was built on the most memorable moment within the product, the listening screen. Based on this, we developed a meaningful and personalised experience that would evolve over time alongside the user, and applied it across all platforms, from mobile to tablet, web and TV. 

The idea was to create a real-time environment for the user, where a modular results screen would offer a rich artwork environment as well as real-time lyrics, video content. At a time when streaming was becoming a dominant element in the industry, the screen would also offer integration with third-party services such as Spotify and Rdio. 


Turning the shazam experience from a utility to a destination

Listening Screen Development

Motion explorations and reactions to sound

Final direction reacting to different genres of music

Motion redlines to document complex motion behaviour


Based on that vision, we created a comprehensive architecture for the future of Shazam and worked with their in-house development teams to bring it to life. We aligned the re-design rollout with their existing plans and started to launch subsequent updates to a great response. The uptake on new features was very high and, importantly, existing functionality and revenue drivers were not compromised with those updates. 

The long-term vision for Shazam is still in development. Outlined by Shazam at CES and Mobile World Congress (MWC) in early 2014, the work was very well received by media and users alike. With a design that support the expansion of the business while continuing to engage it users, Shazam is well positioned to become one of the most influential media products of the future.