#DesignSpam, Week 231

#DesignSpam, Week 231

High-five history lessons, a multilingual typeface and slapstick robot comedy feature in this weeks 'Design Spam' roundup

Shtick-y header

Shtick is a studio based in Belgium, who have cooked up this absolutely deranged and cool scrolley animation for their website 👌

Have a look-see here: shtick.be

New identity for Natwest by Futurebrand

Futurebrand recently helped Natwest with their new meets old brand identity. We're particularly fond of these illustrations created for marketing purposes. 

Check out a full write up here: 

Made by Google


As you're probably aware Google launched a number of shiny, new things this week, among this list is a rather intriguing looking VR headset. As one of our team simply put it – "Looks like it was made from the same material as my jogging bottoms"...

Decide for yourself here: madeby.google.com

Trump Facts by Cub Studio

As the US presidential debate's continue – Cub Studio have created a series of animations; highlighting some of Donald's "finest" moments...

See more here: www.allthetrumpfacts.com

Noto for Google by Monotype

Monotype team up with Google to release 'Noto' – A typeface five years in the making, Google Noto spans more than 100 writing systems, 800 languages, and hundreds of thousands of characters.

Download the typeface here: www.google.com/get/noto

The surprising history of the high five

Ever wondered why mid-air hand slapping is a thing? Wonder no more... we got you.

"As he rounded home plate, his friend and teammate, the rookie Glenn Burke, wheeled his arm back in excitement, and the only thing Baker could do was meet it high up and slap his hand in midair. It was an adrenaline-fueled accident — and it stuck. On that night, the Dodgers recorded the first high five in sports history."

Read more about it here: 

And another thing...

Here's a robot dog doing a whoopsie daisy 

About #DesignSpam

At W12 Studios we take our design inspiration very seriously. So much so we have our very own Slack channel dedicated to it; A place where we can share the things we spend our tea breaks looking at, some old and some new — Aptly named ‘#DesignSpam’.

Compiled by Mark Luke Grant, with help from Isak Nuur