#DesignSpam, Week 237

#DesignSpam, week 237

React with fire, a $200 book and a chimp using VR make up this weeks 'Design Spam' roundup.


Made as the opening film to the 2016 Ciclope Festival Awards – this awesomely animated short film follows the story of a rather cute drone delivering a tiny package. Written and Directed by Bjørn-Erik Aschim.

See the making of [here]

Designed by Apple


Apple has compiled a 300 page photo collection with all of their released products over the past 20 years. Photographs range from the products themselves down to individual components, inside the machines. The book is made in memory of the late co-founder Steve Jobs. Unfortunately at $199 for the smallest size, it's hardly affordable.

More info [here]


A funny short video, by Florent Porta, that shows what happens when the laws of physics, and common sense in general, decides to take the day off.

See more of Florent's work [here]



BADA55.io is a website for developers who want to use "leet" names for their CSS hex colours. We found some of the names pretty funny – chuckles all round.

Have a laugh [here]

Watch Party


Watch Party allows you to view a number of user submitted videos (mainly from YouTube), comment and react inline. You can even filter videos using the emoji's users reacted with. 🔥🔥

😱 [here] 

And another thing...

Here's a chimp experiencing virtual reality


About #DesignSpam

At W12 Studios we take our design inspiration very seriously. So much so we have our very own Slack channel dedicated to it; A place where we can share the things we spend our tea breaks looking at, some old and some new — Aptly named ‘#DesignSpam’.

Compiled by Mark Luke Grant, with help from Marcus Skov & Chloe Barbieux