#DesignSpam, Week 235

#DesignSpam, week 235

Modular synth controllers, puck sized accessories and a blinder from Ozil make up this weeks 'Design Spam' roundup.

Roli Blocks

Roli are a team of people from many disciplines who are creating new music-making devices for the digital age. Their latest product 'Blocks' - are a set of modular synth controllers that link together and hook up to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth, allowing the user to create music through intuitive gestures.

Have a goosey gander [here]

GT America


GT America aims to bridge the gap between the American Gothic and European Grotesque typeface genres. Consisting of eighty-four styles across six widths and seven weights. The website is full of nice little touches and examples of the font in use.

Take a look [here]

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announced their long awaited next generation console recently, Nintendo Switch, with a early 2017 release date. The console provides an unique combination of portability and traditional home entertainment.

Check out the Announcement trailer [here]

Mat Szulik 


At W12 we love a good 3D project, and this one is tasty. A collection of poly-wired animals in silver and gold in perfect lighting makes it good enough for this weeks' spam dump! Designed by Mat Szulik

Nice wires bruh [More here]

Microsoft Surface Studio

In their next push to conquer the creative PC market, Microsoft announced their new all-in-one system; Surface Studio. Aside from the machine itself they also introduced Surface Dial; a puck sized accessory that can be used to control specific features on the screen itself. 

Find out more [here]

And another thing...

Our motion designer David Phelps highlight of the week...

About #DesignSpam

At W12 Studios we take our design inspiration very seriously. So much so we have our very own Slack channel dedicated to it; A place where we can share the things we spend our tea breaks looking at, some old and some new — Aptly named ‘#DesignSpam’.

Compiled by Mark Luke Grant, with help from Marcus SkovIsak Nuur