Design Technologist

London Studio


Here at W12 Studios, we work on high end, leading edge digital products for multinational companies. The products range from embedded systems to mobile apps to large-scale websites. The successful candidate will be involved with each stage of the design process and lead the production of high fidelity interactive prototypes that show the clients and engineers exactly how the product will work. 

You will be someone who brings concepts to life, using code as a creative tool to present your ideas. You should have a certain degree of autonomy in programming languages and frameworks, but the finished prototype should feel as real as possible.
We are looking for someone who is comfortable working on the design phase of a product’s lifecycle and someone who is always curious and excited to learn new things. You must be confident in presenting work to clients, communicating ideas through code and shaping and expanding on designs. The ability to estimate, plan and execute projects with quick turnaround time is essential. We are looking for a self-motivated, enthusiastic, problem solver. 

A little bit about you...

• Outstanding technical, problem solving and communication skills
5+ years working as a creative technologist or developer but with a keen eye for design or a design background
Experience with modern front-end frameworks and workflows. (e.g Reactjs, Angular, Bootstrap, webpack)

• JavaScript - Strong programming fundamentals, plus experience with ES2015 and Babel Experience in native mobile development, ideally Swift on iOS but Objective-C or native Android, is seen as a bonus
Understanding of OOP, software design patterns, agile project management and version control (Git)

• Willingness to turn your hand to and learn new technologies as they arise

• A good understanding of visual design and UX, particularly responsive design

• A strong academic background in a related field

How we work

We use a modern front-end stack, combining React, Babel, Webpack and PostCSS

We work closely with the design team, giving input on the UX and Visual approach, also pointing out any technical considerations

We don’t produce production code, we create prototypes to explore and communicate concepts and undergo user testing. Meaning we are flexible on the implementation, as long as it looks like the final product and conveys the end user experience

A little bit about W12 Studios…

W12 Studios is a digital product design agency, founded in 2012 and based in London. We focus our work on new and emerging platforms, exploring how data and technology can help build a richer experience of media, entertainment and sport. Over the past 4 years we have grown considerably to form a strong team and together we have become a strategic design partner to some of the leading brands across Europe and North America.

At W12 Studios we’re more than just Product Designers. We’re explorers, experimenters, and inventors. 
Able to influence products at the highest level, delivering strategic ideas consistently from inception to launch. We help our clients understand the context of their products, create a compelling vision for them and make them real.

Through our proven collaboration process, we define, design and prototype products across multiple platforms. Encouraging experimentation and out of the box thinking, we believe great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time. 

We collaborate and provoke, seeking inspiration from the unknown, the difficult, and the ambiguous. Ultimately through technology, we bring people closer to the brands they love.



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